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Tame your voice and let it shine!

Your voice, mirror of your identity

Voice lessons

Like our digital prints or our iris, our voice one of the most personal things we have. The voice, which can not be perceived by the vision, boosts our other senses. The hearing, obviously, but also all our perceptions, because the singer can feel his/her body vibrating, and the listener can be moved by the singer.


Amateurs or professionals, let me invite you to (re)discover your voice, with a gentle approach, based on openess and efficency!

    Each voice is unique. Consequently, each voice will need a specific approach. The most efficient exercises for the type of your voice will depend on your vocal habits and on your phisionomy. Depending on your needs, you may wish to go "straight to the point" with very precise  goals, or on the opposite take the time to "tame" your voice and to understand how it works, step by step.


    There is no "wisest" goal, because those depend on what to want to achieve, but there is a solution for every single wish of yours!





Singing competition!

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Next IVTOM meeting

8-9-10 November, Milano, Italy


Dean KAELIN. Application of the technique in different styles of singing.

Mary Ann KEHLER. Beyond technique: "Singing with emotion without effort".Masterclass with 3 students.

Elisa ROSSELLI. Advantages and results of short-term mix (auditions, music production, recordings) and long-term mix (teaching, performance, artistic expression).

Sara USAI. Bagno di Gong.

Teri STOCK. Teaching children and teens.

Curt STOCK. Basic pathologies of the vocal tract and science behind SOVT

Dino BRENTALI. Basic concepts of a simple and effective singing lesson.

Orietta CALCINONI. Multisystemic approach to singing.

Tricia GREY. The eight steps in voice development





Dino Brentali


Curt Stock