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If you have a question about the interview process that I did not answer, please do not hesitate to contact me 😊!

About the project

The students I work with often introduce themselves by telling me they hate their voice. 

I am willing to understand the psychological blockages that sometimes prevent us from expressing ourselves, singing freely, or loving our voice the way it is.

By participating in this contest, you are helping me a lot to move forward in this research ❤️. 

Understand together these blockages is the first step to find the keys to erase them. Then, we will possibly accept our voice more easily, and feel better about ourselves!

We will talk together about the "relationship" you have with your voice. We’ll go through a short list of questions, and of course you’ll be free whether to answer or not. The list of questions is made so that the interview does not take you more than ten minutes, but you can obviously take the opportunity to discuss more about yourself and your blockages, and thus take more time to talk about you if it makes you happy 🙂.

If you are not in this situation and fully appreciate the value of your voice (bravo 👏🏻!), I will still be delighted to hear your story!

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