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Singing competition





Each entry:

Feedback and various personalized vocal tips depending on your type of voice (how to develop it, how to stop forcing on it, how to fine tune it...)


1st place:

5 hours of recording time at the Blue Light Studio, previously prepared by time of coaching with Florie Gounelle + one of the songs recorded mixed and mastered by TopShelf Mixing and Mastering + 3 hours of private voice lessons

2nd place:

5 hours of private voice lessons

3rd place:

3 hours of private voice lessons



The Vancouver Vocal Contest is a singing competition open to all residents of Canada. The contest is happening online and the final, for the 15 final contestants, will take place during the summer 2019 in Vancouver, hence its name.


It has the goal to promote talented artists, as well as promote healthy singing by offering each participant feedback and on their singing and the winners hours of private coaching.


To enter, send us a recording of yourself singing! You can have a peek at the rules here.

Part of the winner's prize are kindly offered by Blue Light Studio, a professional recording studio located in Vancouver, and by TopShelf Mixing and Mastering, an online company of mixing and mastering!

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Dates to remember




• Until the 31st of May: registrations are open!


• 7th of June - 30th of June: the 50 selected contestants will send their 2nd song online


• 4th of July: selection of the 15 final contestants


• A magic day during the summer (precise date will come out very soon and will be between the 27th of July and 25th of August!!): our finalists will sing in Vancouver, for the love of singing and for the prizes we are offering :)

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